MRIG - Protected braking resistors

Rugged, compact, efficient, MRIG is a high power, high quality resistor box, for braking, test, safety or special applications. The possibility to house RPTM, GHPR, RCC and RPSC resistor series, makes it possible to fit the most different needs, from occasional safety braking to continuous test banks, from high dynamic load to precision test load.

The protection box is made with high quality material and technical treatments that ensure long life and consistency also in difficult environment. It is carefully dimensioned for the application of I.R.E. resistors: depending on the employed resistor,  two different types are available, “G”  with GHPRs and “P” with RPTMs or special configurations.

A safety thermal switch is available on request for various temperature, power and safety terminals are accessible from the bottom or from one side.

Rated characteristics refer to laboratory conditions, with the resistor laying horizontally on a flat surface with no obstruction of the inlet or outlet openings, inside a large free volume with good irradiation condition. Poor positioning and exposure to direct sunlight can significantly reduce thermal performance.

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