RFMTX-UL - Aluminium housed braking resistors

Custom version of the successful RFH series, developed to manage cyclic and impulsive loads of even greater energy, RFMTX resistors are the ideal solution for inverter and motor braking applications with very irregular or unpredictable cyclic loads.

RFMTX resistors consist of a high resistive alloy core embedded in a ceramic and mineral fiber matrix, protected with a very thick case of extruded aluminium, oxycoloured (neutral standard) and designed to allow easy mounting and high dissipation.

High quality, stainless, fire-proof components and a simple and functional design ensure a high price/performance ratio also in the most difficult situations.

Main features
- maximum energy dissipation with cyclic pulse loads
- low thermal resistance
- easy assemblage engineering
- strongness and reliability
- ROHS compliant

Technical data
rfmtx ul electrical ratings
certificate of compliance e335378