KHPR-UL - Aluminium housed braking resistors

Space saving high power resistors, studied for all those cases in which a high dissipation power is required, but problems of noise, space or design do not allow the employment of a classic IP22  resistor system in metal box.

KHPR resistors consist of RFH resistive bodies inside an aluminium case, provided with an efficient heat sink and shaped for an easy mounting. These characteristics guarantee the same performances as a traditional resistor bank in a volume up to 5 times smaller, with a high degree of protection (IP55) and full inalterability of surfaces and connections, even in the extreme conditions of a “building site” installation.

Main features 
- excellent performances/dimensions ratio
- low thermal resistance (from 0,6°C/W to 0,24 °C/W)
- easy mounting
- noiseless
- ROHS compliant

Technical data
hpr-khpr ul electrical ratings
certificate of compliance e335378