RCC - Cemented wirewound resistors

Tubular wirewound resistors MIL-R-26 compliant.

Thanks to the employment of metallic and ceramic materials and the absence of organic or volatile components in the cement coating, RCC resistors are fully flame proof and can work with very high temperatures, thus representing a low cost alternative to enamelled resistors.

The adjustable RCCR version allows to adjust the resistance value through a sliding collar.


Special versions: RCC/P: VOLTAGE DIVIDERS, with one or more plait, eyelet or collar shaped middle taps; resistance and characteristics on Customer request; RCC/N: LOW INDUCTANCE, with Ayrton-Perry winding (RMAX = 1/6 maximum resistance depending on the types).




Main features:

- wide range of styles

- insulated collars

- flame proof

- high power/surface ratio

- ROHS compliant





Technical data