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I.R.E. Fabbrica Resistenze Elettriche


For over ten years IRE has been successfully producing resistors for very difficult environments, such as GALVANIZING, FOUNDRIES, MINES, PORTS AND OFF-SHORE PLANTS. These resistors, made of metal enclosure with IP23 degree of protection, contain low thermal hysteresis elements, RPTM or GHPR resistors, treated with an exclusive process, which gives them a high resistance to corrosion.

Experience in this field has led to the recent development of an ad hoc solution successfully used in WIND TURBINES applications.

In fact, wind plants need resistors, called "ballast", to dispose of excess production in the event of too strong wind, which are able to:

- dissipate strong powers for very long times;

- operate outdoors to avoid overheating the rooms where the generator system controls are located.

Hence the need for resistive elements with a high degree of protection, together with the need to maintain the stabilization temperature within acceptable limits (in any case greater than 180 ° C) while absorbing energy for long times: it results in a surface-to-power ratio smaller than 1 watt / cmq and therefore a resistor of significant volume and cost.

Building on the growing demand for greater compactness and economy, IRE has developed an innovative solution with an excellent price / performance ratio. The IP23 protection rating box is equipped with a double roof designed to favor natural convective motion while preventing rain from reaching the resistors inside. The resistors, which have the optimum surface power ratio for the described application, are fully protected by several layers of paint guaranteed for continuous operation at 600 ° C and suspended from ground by massive insulators, while terminals are segregated in an IP55 junction box. The combination of these measures has given rise to a solution that contains at most the dimensions ensuring high reliability even in the presence of fog and / or high humidity in environmental conditions compromised by low pressure.



I.R.E. best selling and most appreciated braking resistors series:


are now available on request also with UL mark, valid for both US and Canada.

See file number NMTR2.E335378 and NMTR8.E335378


new wide ohmic value range braking resistors




Braking resistors for applications where high ohmic values are needed, CCPs are the ideal solution for low power inverters requiring a resistor with value of hundreds of ohms, to be mounted either standing alone or onto a heat sink, even inverter integrated.

Their insulated body fixed to a thick stainless steel base make CCP resistors rugged and long lasting, with an extremely remarkable price/performance ratio.




Main features

- low cost

- high ohmic values

- heat sink mounting

- easy mounting

- ROHS compliant



HLR: compact and noiseless, the next generation resistors for up to 40kW inverters


The next generation heavy duty power resistors for extremely demanding applications: characteristics of HLR resistors are high protection grade, from standard IP44 to special IP67, extreme energy absorption capability and a new patent pending heat sink which makes them the highest power density resistors available on the market. Cabling can be performed in the embedded terminal case, high temperature cables are suggested.

Compact and noiseless, HLR resistors are the ideal solution for lift and crane industry, replacing with improved performances traditional metallic box resistors, for applications with up to 40kW inverters.


This special version of RFH series is supplied with a ceramic mammoth, allowing a simple and quick installation such as total flexibility for the choice of cables, thus being the ideal solution when shielded cables are required.

Main features
- simple installation
- suitable for the employment of shielded cables
- low thermal resistance
- excellent performances/dimensions ratio
- high protection degree
- noiseless
- ROHS compliant